Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yet another day

So let me start blogging here again. Frankly i have been shit tired of everything. The new year eve was one of the worst day of my life. And what followed was even more worse. I started a private blog, and I'm sure reading it would inspire many people .. but it's private :) ..
I've been watching movies a lot these days. Few of the ones i remember are

Little Miss Sunshine made me think how screwed up other peoples life were.
I loved After The Wedding. I loved the mood of the movie, though towards the end it was not so great.

The Quiet was a shit movie. I watched it for Camilla Belle. I did like her in When A Stranger Calls.

Children Of Men was a disaster. I expected a lot hearing it was a science fiction, but all in vein.

The Illusionist was the last movie i saw. I really like it. Edward Norton is fantastic.