Sunday, August 22, 2004


Doom3 got released!!!

At the same time, im reading Dave Kushner's Masters of Doom. Im living, breathing id.. my respect for Carmack seems increase by every line that i read ...

How will i play doom3?? my system isnt capable ... long live my friend... he just bought a rig for that !!!


Athlon Xp 2600+
Asus nForce2 motherboard
ATI Radeon 9600 XT
512MB DDR333 ram
Seagate Baracuda 80GB 7200rpm hardisk ..well while i was studying these rpm were unreachable by us :)

couldnt wait .. i will be playing doom3 soon ... till then im sinking into Masters of Doom

Thursday, July 08, 2004

yet another office chat

Excerpt from our conversation

context : A lady was yelling something to a person. She had no intention of stopping

me says:
hear the conversation, you dont have time to digest anything, this will happen if you marry,beware

colleague 2 says:

colleague 1 says:
will happen

me says:
every morning ... you will hear this, can you tolerate

colleague 2 says:
I know !!! All ur Life

colleague 2 says:
but then you get some perks

colleague 1 says:
plz tell e

colleague 2 says:
Like free laundry

me says:
free laundry for price, she will tell 1000 shit about that

colleague 1 says:
it will be like morning suprabhatham ....

me says:

me says:
why man why they talk this much

colleague 1 says:
we will be sleeping she will be shouting don't worry

colleague 2 says:
No Dude !!!! I heard a thing abt marriage

colleague 2 says:
you taste it you suffer , you dont taste it you suffer

colleague 2 says:
So thot of tasting it :)

me says:
love thy neighbours wife

colleague 2 says:

colleague 1 says:

colleague 2 says:
Thy neighbour may be a Bodybulider

colleague 1 says:
oh god

colleague 2 says:

colleague 1 says:
definetly i will not be ur neighbour

Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Finally OJB v1.0 is released!!! ... Great news. Thanks Thomas Mahler, Armin, Jackob and everybody else for such great software. Ive been waiting for this for almost one year. It had been a long wait. They've been releasing rc's (release candidates) for long time. We are using rc4. This 1.0 comes after rc7. Ive seen people using versions like 0.9 .. i dont know how they waited this much. I need to see whether they've fixed some things. But from release notes i m seeing some bugs which they should have been fixed by now .. (like count of report query using group by). Criticism apart, its been a great software to work with. OJB was my first exposure towards patterns. I love how theyve made it flexible using configurations. Two features which i need to check soon with this 1.0 is 1) inheritance using multipe tables and 2) auto-update etc feature with null and link.
ps: The only other wait ive done(or doing) is for DOOM3. Ive been waiting for more than 2 year ... do i feel frustrated? .. not at all ... whenever i think of DOOM3, i think of John Carmack ... respect ....

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Some days earlier my friend started talking about dreams and whether it was required or not. It reminded me of my best dream i ever had. This dream happened while i was studying for engineering. The dream was something like this

It was evening. sun was setting,we were having some kind of function.. i was near football ground. I saw some flashes in sky very far away amidst trees.
one of my friend was near me. he said something about war . The next moment im in a big building with glass windows all around. I was standing near a balcony, a semicircle one. Suddenly my friend (the one who was with me earlier) started running outside to see something. I also went .. then i could see the whole sky. Stunning.Crystal clear view .. and i could somehow see almost 360 degree. Above me in the sky, there was a spacecraft kind of thing. From below it looked like the belly of a turtle. It was very big. Something was attacking it and parts of its back were disintegrating and fire was starting. I somehow knew that it was our enemy, either from this world or some other world, which didnt matter to me at that time. Suddenly two fighter plane like thing came from ground and went to attack this space craft. These fighter planes looked more like a big missile. It was granite color with a maroon stripe. I knew it was our people. Then something happened. I could see all the buildings in front of me crippling from pressure. It was nearing. I knew they(enemy) had put an atom bomb. I knew i was about to die, my heart filled with intense pleasure. I woke up. I couldnt forget that. Again my heart was filled with intense pleasure .. i knew i witnessed something so clear something which i cant explain. I had this feeling the entire day. It was like having a crush on a girl. It was so good, and i still feel good about it.

This was my dream


Im doing requirement documentation. Everyday some changes comes, we rewrite it again. I feel like ive been doing this since i was born

me : my flow chart looks like shit
colleague : mine looks like the arse hole of &%$$%$

Saturday, June 19, 2004

some thoughts on my daily work

From the day i joined, ive been searching things on object oriented technology and all. Ive been able to understand some things .. but it seems to be a vast ocean of knowledge is out there .. There are some things which i cant cope with. Forgot to tell, im working in j2ee related area. Even though they say its object oriented, ive always felt it as procedural, specifically some patterns. So either i dont have enough knowledge or there is something wrong with the way we (means me and others here) program. I will go for second one (even though my knowledge is very limited :) ). When i thought about it, some of the patterns itself is making it procedural in behavior. Maybe we are not using it in correct way and we are naming it with some associated pattern. That seems reasonable. I know j2ee gives high level programming things, but when it comes to actual application logic, we are turning procedural.
So should spend more time on researching. Earlier i could afford that. But nowadays laziness has crept up so cant afford it anymore... but trying..........

Friday, June 18, 2004

entering the arena

its nice to see people screwing people .. its even nicer to find out that you are the one who ends up screwed.
sorry for the above bullshit but management made me do it ;)

by the way .. if .plan sounds familier, yes yes im a John Carmack fan.. so there comes pixelshader :) . rest next time