Saturday, June 27, 2009

Course of things

I watch movies and i get inspirations. I don't even think about it many times.
I was watching a rerun of Bourne Identity and Jason Bourne says while in a restaurant that at this altitude i can run half a mile before i start shaking. I remember the first time i saw it and was thinking that i can't run more than 100ms before i start panting. I know this for sure because i have done twice before and failed in front of people. Now i can run 10kms and more without much problem. I remember watching Baazigar and one of the main things i remember in it is where Shah Rukh Khan is typing a letter. I now remember that he was not typing it proper, but when i saw it i couldn't know. I was so involved in the character that i wondered how he could get time to learn typing while he was preparing for his revenge all those years. I was so inspired by it that i went and learned typing for few months.
Now i get a chuckle out of all these as i wonder about what my life is.