Monday, December 19, 2005


Dog in the house

world is my loo

hydraulically pressed fake bone and joy

wine? .. hmm

better off with milk


yum .. sudoku

Not named it yet, i have suggested the name Schrödinger


neo said...

cute puppy.

i was thinking of sending you a greeting card with a dog's pic, i saw at carrefour yesterday night :-)

Zeus said...

Oh My DOG!!!!!!!!
He is great!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great to make a purse or a handbag.

Anonymous said...

Schrodinger is a good name for a cat(Schrodinger's Cat). I suggest Pavlov(Pavlov's Dog - )

phobos said...

how the hell can you make a purse or a handbag ?? :)

Anonymous said...

Like this

Zeus said...

Bloody Pervert!!! If I find your Annoy-my-ass identity I will skin you for a doormat! Dogfur! Sick!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! I am not the one who has a dog who looks like he is ready to be skinned.
I am just talking here.