Monday, March 13, 2006

F1 Season

The Three Stars

Hats off to Kimi for finishing third after starting from the last .

Alonso said - ''I'm surprised he was on the podium because he was starting from the back, I thought Jenson (Button) was third. I think he did a good from where he was starting.''
Michael said - "He's very quick. How quick, we'll find out''

Also nice to see newcomer Nico Rosberg scoring the fastest lap. Seems like its a good season ahead.


Zeus said... i going to miss the 3 straight season in F1?

That too when it looks promising...Sigh...

uno said...

That guy (Nico Rosberg) was really good. I never thought Williams will be that competitive w.o BMW.
With Honda becoming a real threat, I think it is gonna be awesome

neo said...
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