Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fill in ..

I dont like the rice served at my home anymore .. sigh .. we use boiled rice but white one .. and now i have gradually started a liking towards the red rice .. which i think is a good thing as im not locked in to my home food anymore :) .. or maybe it may not be the exact version of rice which i used to eat earlier .. which brings me to this question
suppose you come late from office .. i mean really late .. like around 2:30 in the morning and you find that your friend has locked house and gone somewhere .. you dont have any other contacts in the city .. you are very tired ..there is a basement in the building and there is a coffin .. will you sleep in that ? .. you can listen to this song while thinking ..


red-rice fan from limassol said...

I am struggling to understand how you went from "red-rice Vs. white-rice" to "sleeping in a coffin".

And what does either of that have to do with the song?


phobos said...

i fell asleep after eating rice and listening to that song .. and i had a dream with this situation .. in that i slept in coffin

kidu said...

phobos said...

man! .. how long have you been listening to this? .. i think you sent me this long ago .. but yeah good song.
see the "tere bin" at

try to get good quality mp3

neo said...

Red-rice fills up better.
White-rice is a lean-mean machine.
Red-rice at Holy family , hongasandra is the closest thing to heaven.

Speaking of coffins, That made me remember Uma Thurman's struggle in Kill Bill. woa!

Tere Bin ? STimbi, are you drinking too much ?