Friday, June 15, 2007

Use ClearType!!!

Apple has released safari for windows. So i downloaded and started using it. The first thing which i noticed was the fonts. They were smooth. It brought back memories of Gnome, Microsoft Office 12, Iternet Explorer etc. A little investigation pointed to this post by Joel Spolsky. Next thing i did was enabling ClearType on my XP.
If you are using Windows XP and haven't enabled ClearType, please do it now. The quality of fonts is amazing. You are going to love your coding, reading whatever!


kesu said...

Word of caution though.
If you are using anything other than an LCD/Flatpanel type display, clear-type does not work.

On displays that cannot do sub-pixel rendering(like CRTs), clear-type will actually make it worse.

phobos said...

Now i'm wondering how Gnome used to work in my CRT. The font quality there was equivalent to ClearType.

kesu said...

I think in Gnome they used the Freetype library - which supported font anti-aliasing. Anti-aliasing can look almost as good as ClearType if the CRT has a small dot-pitch.

Also try the ClearType tuner from MS.

My display didnt look very good at first when I turned on ClearType, but a little tuning helped a lot.

uno said...

I have a Windows 2000, and my friend has an Xp. In both machines it crashed the moment we try to configure our proxy server. On un-installing Safari, my IE's bypass proxy site list vanished !!!!

phobos said...

interesting .. here i observed that it displays stuff wrongly when date is changed. I think they keep releasing patches .. try the latest ones..