Friday, September 07, 2007


Martin Fowler never ceases to amaze me. I was banging my head over timezone issues yesterday and today morning i see this. He gave Microsoft Office the worst timezone experience award. Interestingly i'm working on the exact same thing for one of the scenarios. I do think trying to be clever might ruin user experience. We have 3 major layers (outlook, java server, SAP backend) with each running in 3 different technologies (.Net, Java, ABAP) glued together using XML and proprietary protocols. The nuances of each of these technologies bundled with the bugs in them makes life a living hell.

I saw The number 23 yesterday. Neo ruined the movie unknowingly :) few years back. I'm also finding number 23 at many places. I look at my phone and its extension is 4739. Add it, you will get 23. Phone displays today is 07.09.07 again 23. My birth date is August 15 (15-08) again 23. My cubicle no is 23! Not so creepy anyway :)

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