Monday, November 05, 2007


Finally after one year I'm back to gym again. I ran for 1.5kms on the treadmill and was pretty happy about it. Then the instructor took some 7-8 of us and started doing some ground exercises. The guy almost killed everyone. All i could hear was groans and moans :). It was fun. With the help of this instructor and a paintbrush, i intend to become like SRK.

BTW, if you want real inspiration keep Daniel Craig in your mind while doing exercises (suggested by my ex roommate cum drinking partner)


kesu said...

"ex roommate 'cum drinking partner' " ??!!!!
Please put hyphens where necessary... :-)

BTW, You could also try keeping me in mind.. as a sort of reverse-inspiration.

Also what is this talk about you drinking??
Welcome to the club!!

dog said...

yeah i knew you would pounce on this .. it occurred to me few hours later :)
me drinking :) .. hmm .. you've been living in a cave (or pyramid?) ..

Ashish Chatterjee said...

2 is way 2 many pics of half-naked men...
beware that this doeth not become a perversion...