Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lovely December

I miss my dog. I don't know what state he is in now. Hope he is well. I loved him. When i used to hug him he used to make affectionate noises. The first time when he was brought to me in a bag, i marvelled at his existence. There was a creature which can think. He stared at me straight in my eye for minutes. He was shivering, more from fright than cold, even though it was a cold December. It was exactly two years before. There is something magical about Decembers for me. It was fun always. This year i am forgetting and and forgiving myself and just enjoying my existence.


Zeus said...

Oh man! What happened to Schrodinger?
I acknowledge as well!

Ashish Chatterjee said...

oh look... someones not a bot!