Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some good movies

I am a Daniel Craig fan. I saw him first in Road to Perdition. He had an ugly role in that and i hated that guy. When i knew that he was going to star as James Bond, i was disgusted. Then Casino Royale released, at an apt time in my life. I was wearied of work for two months and needed a break. It was such a powerful movie. I must say that the inspiration for me to going to gym came from Daniel Craig. I had decided few months before Quantum of Solace release that i'll build a good body. Alas it never came true.
Recently i got a really good print of Casino Royale (a Blue Ray). I started searching for his movies and i came across Layer Cake. I instantly fell in love with the movie. I watched it again and again. I searched again and found Enduring Love. I didn't like the story much but loved the beauty of the movie (i usually fall in love with movies which are good to look at, like colors, landscape, good food..). Then yesterday i got Flashbacks of a Fool. It is just brilliant. Very nostalgic. I am really loving this ride of movies. Do you have any suggestions of a Daniel Craig movie?

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