Monday, April 25, 2005


Jimmy was of a breed similar to daschund. He was an important member of one of my relative's (dad's sister's husband or something) familiy. Twice during our(me and my brother's) summer vacation, we stayed there (chembur, bombay exactly). He was a good dog. During night, he would come and wrap (yes :) us with blanket... and would sleep along with us. Morning he would twril his tounge into my ear to wake me up (yukk??). He used to watch TV (yes he does!) .. and was very intelligent. He understood almost anything .. whenever we call for a 'bath', he would run away and hide inside bed. We used to drown him in big bucket of water ;) .. Once i remember, i was not drinking milk even after a lot of shouting by mother .. Jimmy came and scratched my face for that! .. We all had a very good time going beach etc with him. Alas not everything stays same :( .. they bought two other dogs too. One was a dalmatian named Moti(male) and another was a pomerian named Rosie. Motie was a small one. Jimmy used to terrorize him. Rosie was a quiet one, she was shipped from singapore .. because of that we thought. Time went by... Moti grew bigger and stonger.. now he is only afraid of his master, no one else. Even we cant stand his wagging of tail.. its that powerful. Moti had his fair share of revenge with Jimmy. Both of them are locked seperately. If Moti has a chance, i guess he will kill Jimmy. Last time i saw Jimmy was when i was in 10th standard. He was old, but he remembered me. I dont know whether he is dead or alive now..

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