Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My new office

when i came for the interview, i found the office amusing. There was cartoons over the walls, green outdoors .. one thing that interested me was there were no glass walls seperating my friend's work place and outside. Then i was involved in the interview process and forgot everything. well now im sitting at the exact same place, and its very enjoyable place in here .. what theyve done is that in the middle of the building, they built a small garden with glass roof .. so that explains the missing of glass.. there is a fountain near my workpace and there is a constant sound of water flowing .. talking of my workplace, my computer is a P4 3.2GHz with 2GB of ram .. pretty neat eh .. monitor is lcd, and finally i found the solution for flicker free screen .. i always used to wonder, the more bigger your screen, the more flicker you will have with higher resolution .. so what to do? .. well lcd's seem having no problem with that ... dress code is one other thing(now you know where this is heading;) ..you can wear casuals all week long! .. it may not be a new thing for a lot of people ... i have enough suffered enough formals .. more goodies .. music is not considered blasphemy .. and they will even give you a headphone! ...aarrghh ..enough of bragging ;)


Kripa Shankar said...

Oooy Shibin,
Have been reading your blogs for the last half an hour. Nice collection dude. I did not know anything about blogs in 2004. And u been blogging since then. Cool. You are a true techie aren't you? So many of them. I was impressed by most, but it was the ones below that made me smile:
- Feb 05 > Schooling (printing press huh..and let me tell you, you r still the sitting-in-class-during-break kinda guy :-))..parrots, report card...u r not as ignorant what you are potraying urself to be though..are u? (Wink)

Intersting ones:
-Feb 05 > Matrix (u choose the 1st option for all ques and u r neo...how predictable)
-Feb 05 > Chess
-Posts of ur chat sessions.

Keep them coming...

phobos said...

:) .. welcome to blogosphere

neo said...

ow wow wow wow
ow wow wow wow

You call that a workplace ?
Call it a Mindspace!