Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Finally OJB v1.0 is released!!! ... Great news. Thanks Thomas Mahler, Armin, Jackob and everybody else for such great software. Ive been waiting for this for almost one year. It had been a long wait. They've been releasing rc's (release candidates) for long time. We are using rc4. This 1.0 comes after rc7. Ive seen people using versions like 0.9 .. i dont know how they waited this much. I need to see whether they've fixed some things. But from release notes i m seeing some bugs which they should have been fixed by now .. (like count of report query using group by). Criticism apart, its been a great software to work with. OJB was my first exposure towards patterns. I love how theyve made it flexible using configurations. Two features which i need to check soon with this 1.0 is 1) inheritance using multipe tables and 2) auto-update etc feature with null and link.
ps: The only other wait ive done(or doing) is for DOOM3. Ive been waiting for more than 2 year ... do i feel frustrated? .. not at all ... whenever i think of DOOM3, i think of John Carmack ... respect ....

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