Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Some days earlier my friend started talking about dreams and whether it was required or not. It reminded me of my best dream i ever had. This dream happened while i was studying for engineering. The dream was something like this

It was evening. sun was setting,we were having some kind of function.. i was near football ground. I saw some flashes in sky very far away amidst trees.
one of my friend was near me. he said something about war . The next moment im in a big building with glass windows all around. I was standing near a balcony, a semicircle one. Suddenly my friend (the one who was with me earlier) started running outside to see something. I also went .. then i could see the whole sky. Stunning.Crystal clear view .. and i could somehow see almost 360 degree. Above me in the sky, there was a spacecraft kind of thing. From below it looked like the belly of a turtle. It was very big. Something was attacking it and parts of its back were disintegrating and fire was starting. I somehow knew that it was our enemy, either from this world or some other world, which didnt matter to me at that time. Suddenly two fighter plane like thing came from ground and went to attack this space craft. These fighter planes looked more like a big missile. It was granite color with a maroon stripe. I knew it was our people. Then something happened. I could see all the buildings in front of me crippling from pressure. It was nearing. I knew they(enemy) had put an atom bomb. I knew i was about to die, my heart filled with intense pleasure. I woke up. I couldnt forget that. Again my heart was filled with intense pleasure .. i knew i witnessed something so clear something which i cant explain. I had this feeling the entire day. It was like having a crush on a girl. It was so good, and i still feel good about it.

This was my dream

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Zeus said...

Should I make a film about this one????