Saturday, June 19, 2004

some thoughts on my daily work

From the day i joined, ive been searching things on object oriented technology and all. Ive been able to understand some things .. but it seems to be a vast ocean of knowledge is out there .. There are some things which i cant cope with. Forgot to tell, im working in j2ee related area. Even though they say its object oriented, ive always felt it as procedural, specifically some patterns. So either i dont have enough knowledge or there is something wrong with the way we (means me and others here) program. I will go for second one (even though my knowledge is very limited :) ). When i thought about it, some of the patterns itself is making it procedural in behavior. Maybe we are not using it in correct way and we are naming it with some associated pattern. That seems reasonable. I know j2ee gives high level programming things, but when it comes to actual application logic, we are turning procedural.
So should spend more time on researching. Earlier i could afford that. But nowadays laziness has crept up so cant afford it anymore... but trying..........

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