Monday, February 07, 2005


I like the freedom which we are given in our project. There was a time the things were hell. It was during the *rule* of our ex pl. Nowadays when i feel freedom has got over my head, i just look at all the mails sent by her. Today i was going through it and found that every friday she would send a mail saying there is something going on in production at onsite and "plan your
work accordingly" .. now many times there would be no work for you and even then she would send this .. i remember once i had a conversation with her something like this

me: i dont have anything to do with the delivery tommorrow, can i take *leave*
she: if you think so, okay
me: thanks
she: what for
me: the leave
she: then what about us

This hurt me very much. It meant that since they were suffering, i should also suffer .... it hurt because i also worked hard
many times, like there was a day when i came to office 9am, left 7:30 in the morning because of work. also i used to come on
saturdays because i liked work .. so when she said this, i was thinking .. what about me during those times ..

so i understand the value of my current pl

in another interesting turn of events, i got an appreciation for being "technical backbone" in our project . lol!

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