Thursday, June 30, 2005

Generics considered harmful

Read KenArnold's take on Java Generics

Bruce Eckel was writing about Generics long ago and problems created by Erasure

Neal Gafter was trying to explain erasure

I have not read the Generics thing seriously till now .. i started some pdf from Gilad Bracha .. now i need to find it out


Zeus said...

Whoa pardner!
Sexy template!
Now go back and start blogging in english!

phobos said...

>>Whoa pardner!
>>Sexy template!

slanks :)

>>Now go back and start blogging in >>english!

dont worry .. i guess nobody understood what generics means ..
In the new Java version, they've added a feature called generics which has a high learning curve.
An interesting thing to note that is i somehow like the idea. why because it adds complexity to the language :D .. and i guess we love tackling hard problems

Zeus said...

Small correction...
YOU love tackling hard problems.
I am satisfied with just being the hard problem!