Monday, June 13, 2005

The road ahead

Mobile applications are hot these days. A typical smart mobile phone runs Symbian OS, Java etc. What makes these phones different from PC's are that they have lesser processing power. So specially crafted Os's, applications are needed to run on them. So companies like Symbian have caught up a lot lately. Now the interesting thing is, the processing power of mobile phones are increasing. It wont be long they have powerful processor and other hardware. Then what will happen to these companies? .. The current PC software providers then will have far more
experience in making software than these guys. So will all these companies just diminish? .. if you see some mobile phones already runs linux these days. Will Linux take over Symbian??(not that it matters much) .. I have to admit that i have little knowledge of most of the things i speculated here .. maybe im wrong .. time to do a google search.

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