Thursday, June 09, 2005

So long and thanks for all the fish

People who know me also know that I go hysterical whenever I hear the word fish. So what is with fish and me? To understand that, you should understand how I lived my considerable portion of life...
I lived near coastal area... (Near Arabian Sea to be exact). Its hardly one or two km’s to the Sea from my place. So fish is something you can’t neglect there... It’s like air if you think in someway. People are usually so used to fish that they will probably vomit if they don’t get fish for the meals.
Here goes my not so uncommon day

Breakfast: Puttu (yeah you can call it rice cake!) + Fish curry. Note: it would be better if it’s the previous day’s fish curry... And that too try to eat it in chatti (the earthen vessel)... hmm I see a lot of people recoil in disgust
Lunch: Boiled Rice + fish curry + fish fry + some grass (you can replace vegetable in place of grass, but I prefer to call it grass)
Tea: Bread + fish curry or fish fry (it’s a really nice combination ... try it once)
Dinner: Boiled Rice or Kanji (rice + water mixture) + fish curry + fish fry

By now you should have got a good understanding of my diet.
Over these years, I’ve grown liking towards some kinds of fish. Mainly I like all the smaller fish. It’s interesting to note that all the veteran fish eaters I know of, like big fishes. Many people like fresh water fish. I’ve tried some fresh water fishes... its good to eat occasionally, but not a replacement for saline fish. I also like exotic (exotic for you:) things like squids, prawns, crabs, mussels etc. Our place is known for mussels I guess (I didn’t find it in many other places). Mussel pickle is a delicacy.
Here goes my liking of how fish should be prepared

Fish curry: Use *lot* of coconut. The curry should be yellow-orangish color. Use tamarind... if you get green mangoes, much better...
Sometimes I also eat the coconut less version, its called puli + mulaku (tamarind + red chillies)... it’s good for puttu or kanji.

Fish fry: Fry it well, Fry it in a pan... it shouldn’t be half baked... also don’t deep fry, because you will loose the flavor. Small fishes are good with bread.

I could go on ranting on fishes... so am stopping this here... (You are free to drool:)


Anonymous said...

Ninte mussel acharu kazhichittu erivu ithu vare poyittilla!!!

Kripa Shankar said...

I guess god wanted to create an alligator out of you, but changed his mind at the very last moment and made you human.
Damn...Now that explains the reason behind the sea level not raising coz of global increase in waetr is neutralized be the decrease in the number of fishes.
I can see the traces of reptile family in you. (You affiliation to Python ;D).

neo said...


you made me a fish eater too !!

gee slanks! for all the proteins and it not as bad as i thought it would be :-)

blu hu hu hu ...

666 said...

There goes the Devil !!!

I completely concur with Kripa !!

The other day he was alking me why am I putting weight !!!! Its all those poor lives settling around your abdomen!! you .... monster !!!! :-p

Gentlemen ! If you were falling for those imploring words about 'Mussels' ... Try looking at the following link !!!