Wednesday, August 24, 2005


While going through slashdot comments on Quake3 source, found this
Wish i could also write something like those in my code :)

Results of `grep -ri fuck *':

1. //NOW close the fucking brush!!
2. i = 0x5f3759df - ( i >> 1 ); // what the fuck?
3. // fuck, don't have a clean cut, we'll overflow
4. // since the cmd formatting can fuckup (amount of spaces), using a dumb step by step parsing
5. // fuck, don't have a clean cut, we'll overflow
6. // vm fuckage
7. // vm fuckage
8. //FIXME: this is a fucking mess
9. Note: Unix CR/LF in *.dsw/*.dsp fucks up MSVC++.
10. How the fuck did this happen?
11. some files, and between their revisions and ours we fuck this up.
12. break; // dragged backwards or fucked up
13. // FIXME: this code is a TOTAL clusterfuck
14. {"rem", "Less than half a fucking man."},
15. {"rem", "You're fucking dumb! Suck it down."},
16. // cleaning up after merging and thinks badly fucked up
17. this could fuck up if you have only part of a complex entity selected...
18. // FIXME: this bend painting code needs to be rolled up significantly as it is a cluster fuck right now


neo said...


// Something i found in the Code (Prod) here ...
1. How the hell did i get here ? (in some mamma base method)
2. What the @#@#?
3. @FIXME You can never fix this.

Athreya said...

Nice Research Dude...

Anonymous said...

the linux kernel fuck count.
similar thing, but for the linux kernel.