Thursday, August 18, 2005

Game of Life

Game of Life is well known to everyone i guess. The first time i heard about it was from my Physics teacher. I just joined engineering then, and while talking about programming (which i hated then) he told me to implement it. I loved science subjects, maths first, then physics .. well i guess when time changes everything will change. While i was in 10th, my ambition was to become a chemical engineer. I even had a little chemical lab in my house, where i had many rare chemicals, thanks to my uncle and some other people. I had some poisonous stuff like the Mercurous Chloride. During my college days, my interest shifted to physics (maths was always there). I read so many books like Brief History of Time, Selfish Gene, Chaos, The Tao of Physics,Dancing Wu Li Masters etc .. My physics teacher played an important part in it. I remember, when he told that mass increases if you give more energy when you are approaching speed of light (since E=mc2), my jaw almost dropped on floor :). Well enough ranting today! So .. the thing is, i never implemented Game of Life all these years. Today i did it finally and here is the screenshot with the famous Gosper Glider Gun


neo said...

Eeeks! That new Look!
Yikes! Blue rippling Pond?!
Oops! More Math & Phyics ?!

Pigmies! Pigmies ! I cant find my shoes!

uno said...

I really do not know what this game is.... But from yo're blog, looks like something big

phobos said...

nothing big .. actually the beauty of this thing is that the rules are so simple, which are

For a space that is 'populated':
Each cell with one or no neighbors dies, as if by loneliness.
Each cell with four or more neighbors dies, as if by overpopulation.
Each cell with two or three neighbors survives.
For a space that is 'empty' or 'unpopulated'
Each cell with three neighbors becomes populated.