Tuesday, August 16, 2005


QuakeCon 2005 is over. After two years, Carmack is back with his keynote (in 2003 he was down with fever and in 2004, his son was born). He currently likes working on Xbox 360, because there are no driver issues etc with it, and microsoft has come up with a solid gaming platform. hmm.. good. You can read it all at gamespy here. Unfortunately there are no video files yet. He also announced that Quake3 source will be made GPL'd in another week or so. This is interesting. There will be tons of things to learn from Quake3. People can really make good games out of Quake3 engine. Hope someone does soon.

Its very inspiring to see someone like Carmack speaking. Over all these years, ive read enough bullshit from people who talks, and not producing anything good. Carmack has been very different from all these people.

Quake4 gameplay was also there in QuakeCon,.. Initially i didnt like Quake4 because of its singleplayer style. Well now i understand that whatever good they found in Quake3 multiplayer, they put that in Quake4. And after seeing Fatal1ty playing Quake4, i changed my opinion. Its fast :) ..

Finally, its my birthday today .. and day started with nice "birthday bums" from ppl around here .. hmm.. ;( .. i'll revenge .. plan to come with spiked boots next time on someone's bday :)

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