Friday, January 20, 2006


Occasionally i go through python dev mailing list for interesting things. Today i came across this
where Guido says
>> FYI: Real libreadline is GPL, and rms made a point of forcing
>> (Aladdin-licensed) Ghostscript to remove stanzas from the Makefile
>> that allowed linking to it as a user option. Ie, this particular pain
>> in the neck is deliberate FSF policy, to encourage use of the GPL.

>Can we just all agree that RMS is an asshole now? Bah.

I respect both RMS and Guido and its funny how Guido doesnt like RMS. Another one here
"Citing RMS's insanity is a great way to get my blood steaming." --GvR

I remeber Guido getting an award from FSF. Some links 1 2.

Long before when ppl where using Tcl as glue language, RMS wanted to get a real language(he didnt like Tcl), Python was suggested. I think it was dropped as it was not under GPL. They set out to write Guile. I wonder where python would have been if it was chosen ..

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Zeus said...

I guessed correctly that RMS is Richard Stallman...

Whoeee! I am a genius!