Monday, January 16, 2006

spring summer fall winter ... aah crap

After one day of procrastinating over going for a movie, we set out yesterday for an ambitious goal of obtaining tickets from pvr on a sunday evening. It ended up with me, prashant, his friend and his friend's friend going for an "art movie" as i would call it (note: except for me, all others are regulars). There are a bunch of people called collectivechaos conducting this. Neo and Zeus .. you miss this crap :D
So what was the movie? .. it was called spring, summer, fall, winter...and spring. Here is my rather intellectual understanding of the movie

master and student - student harass animals - master punishes - student grows, so does master - girl comes for treatment - student screws girl - student screws girl multiple times - master sends girl away since she is recovered (of course because of screwing) - student runs away to find girl - girl runs away with another man - student kills girl - student returns - master punishes student - detectives come to catch student - student taken - master commits suicide (to a snake :? whatever) - student returns - student repents - lady leaves boy to student - lady dies - student the new master, boy the new student - loop

That would quite sum it up. Anyway i liked it and might go for it again. Hopefully no one from collectivechaos reads this blog, lest i might be burned alive!


kyashu said...

i might just watch this for the "student screws girl - student screws girl multiple times" part alone.

phobos said...

isnt 235GB of screwing enough for you :) .. btw what are the latest numbers?

uno said...

btw.. I liked the pic.

phobos said...

ya .. dont let my review fool you .. its quite good movie .. and the sceneries are just too good.

Zeus said...