Thursday, January 05, 2006

reverend blogs

reverend has a blog. He also has a site. Read his "Shadows in John Carmack's next engine" post.
I installed Quake4 in my work machine and it didnt work :( . Then i installed it in my laptop .. and it works!! . The graphics is pathetic, but playable. I didnt find any single player deathmatch, did they remove it? (i installed demo)


Anonymous said...

100+ Fps at 1024x768 with 4xAA, 4xAF and Ultra high quality.

70+ FPS at 1280x1024/4xAA/4xAF/UltraHighQuality.

Ofcourse I can play only at 1280x1024 coz that is the native resolution of my TFT. At 1024 it has to do extrapolation/streching to fill the screen and everything looks fuzzy.

phobos said...

hmm 7800GT i can only dream .. it costs 32k here.
btw do you think there is any quality difference because of TFT .. i always felt my crt screen better than my work machine TFT (dell ultrasharp).
Also what about single player deathmatch (like in quake3) .. is it there? i only saw multiplayer

Anonymous said...

no, i didn't notice much of a difference, but i am not good at noticing such small things anyway.
I do remember it looked different with the default settings. i made some adjustments on the hue/gamma and now it seems ok to me.

my main problem is that everything looks shitty on anything other than the native resolution. mine has a native resolution of 1280x1024 so I am forced to use that resolution always(in games even). I never realized tfts had such a problem with other resolutions until i bought it.

and multiplayer, you mean like working in a team, right? like in doom3 where u are part of a team? yea, so far i have seen only that mode. haven't seen any deathmatch.

phobos said...

true .. i changed my work machine to 1280x1084, it works fine (quake3) .. i didnt know this .. again this is a big disadvantage for TFTs .. btw you must have spent quite a fortune on that TFT :)

uno said...

I thought they wanted to make Q4 single player like Q2 right???

So the demo should be a single player version with first or second level gameplay thrown in....
Kind of weird....